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Starting and growing your collection with me (Purchase Art Online)

I’ve been painting for well over a decade now and I still get excited when I sell a work of Art. I love connecting with my collectors, from advising on a painting, sharing the story behind a particular piece, to carefully packaging the Art work ready for shipping.
I strive to make the whole process of collecting enjoyable and as stress free as possible. Here’s a short video of the kind of thing to expect when making a purchase right here at my official website.

Buying Art online- Be confident

Buying anything online can be daunting but probably more so with purchasing original Art works. Questions such as the following might resonate with you right now.
  1. ‘how do I know if the original will match the online image?’
  2. ‘How do I know I can trust this seller?’
Firstly, let’s address these initial 2 questions that you and many potential Art buyers may be worrying about.
  1. ‘how do I know if the original will match the online image?’
Image accuracy is a serious problem in the online Art market. From independent Artists such as myself uploading works for sale, to large scale international auction houses promoting upcoming lots with digital photography. I make a serious effort to make sure that my digital images match my original Art works as closely as possible.
One of the most important things to do is to take the photograph of the work under flat light (overcast day) with an overall diffused light. Direct sunlight on a painting can give an impression of a much brighter palette and also make the surface of the Art work look much more textured due to shadows created by slightly raised areas of thicker paint. With this in mind, all of my works are photographed under this type of light, which luckily for me, grey days here in Yorkshire are frequent giving plenty of opportunity to get the job done!
Equally as important, works must be photographed without the use of a flash. Using a flash can cause areas of glare on surfaces which are slightly glossy, not giving a true representation of the Art work.
My digital representations are safe from digital manipulation (Photoshopping) such as increased contrast, temperature and saturation alterations. I make every effort to take high quality images under the correct conditions, crop the image to the edge of the composition and check against my original.
The greatest problem any online Art gallery must overcome is this:  How to make sure that the viewing devices such as phones and tablets are displaying the intended colours, tones and temperatures.
I believe this will always be  a problem. To tackle this problem I now offer a home trial on all purchases. Please click here for full details.
          2. ‘How do I know I can trust this seller?’
This is a growing concern with online purchases. However, thanks to organisations such as Paypal, Art Collectors can shop online with confidence under ‘buyer protection’.  Click here for full details of this fantastic Paypal feature.
Many online sales these days have been encouraged by previous customer feedback, Ebay and Amazon feedback rating for example. I dare say that I’d never buy anything online without having first read some kind of review of a product.
With this in mind I’ve incorporated a selection of client testimonials to help encourage and grow confidence in my service, these can be viewed right here. 
Now I’ve briefly answered 2 potentially worrying questions, here’s a little more information you might like to know.


I ship within the UK and Worldwide.
Delivery time once payment is received:
UK: 3 – 5 working days- FREE
International Delivery: 5 – 7 working days- Small Flat Rate Fee
Free Collection can be arranged from my studio in South Yorkshire, 7 days a week. I’d be delighted to preview my recent works if you have time for a coffee!
Please contact me to arrange.
1) Will it be very expensive to ship artwork?
No. UK shipping is always free, I charge a reasonable flat rate fee for the rest of the world.
2) Can I have artwork delivered to me at a specific time or day?
This is no problem. In most cases I will be able to arrange a courier service to deliver at your preferred day/time.
3) What if I need to return and item?
This is not a problem. I offer an exclusive home trial period. Works can be shipped back in their original condition, a full refund excluding delivery costs will be given. Click here for full details.

Want to know more?

Are you considering purchasing a piece but would like to know more? I’d be delighted to help you out with anything at all, from providing more images of a particular piece, to providing you with an ETA for your purchase. Click here to view my contact details.

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